Led Flood Light Factory Manufacturer Introduces 3 Rules For Maintenance


Led Flood Light has been working outside for a long tim […]

Led Flood Light has been working outside for a long time, and the dust on the surface of the lamps will inevitably increase. If the dust is not cleaned in time, it will affect the lighting brightness of the lights. Then, in the case of Led Flood Light encountering excessive dust, just wipe the dust with a clean rag. (Note: Always turn off all power when performing any maintenance work)


Below, the Led Flood Light Factory manufacturer warns that in addition to daily dust cleaning, Led Flood Light maintenance needs to do the following:


1, routine inspection, lamps such as the human body, every year or every other time will go to the hospital to check the body, even if the person's body is goodwill buy a peace of mind for themselves, Led Flood Light is the same, in the daily If you find any problems with the luminaire during the maintenance process, you can return to the factory for repair.

2. The long-term “wind and rain” Led Flood Light will encounter the storm and the rain. If there is any deviation in the angle of the light, the appropriate illumination angle should be adjusted in time.

3. In the routine inspection, it is found that the surface glass of the lamp has cracks. The lamp should be taken off immediately and sent back to the original factory for repair, to avoid injury and flawlessness.

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