LED High Bay Market Demand Ratio


  The application development of LED high bay continues […]

  The application development of LED high bay continues to expand the scope of application. At the same time, the requirements for LED high bay products are also continuously improved. LED high bay still occupies a certain share in the demand of street lighting stores. Due to the long use of outdoor lighting, power consumption is high, and the LED high bay has energy-saving and environmentally-friendly characteristics, which makes it very popular.

  When more and more cities are choosing road lighting fixtures, they have now turned their attention to the LED high bay. LED high bay occupies a very large advantage in the outdoor lighting environment. In recent years, the LED high bay professional With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous decline of costs, the price of LED high bay has begun to be gradually accepted by more and more users. The fancy is now the energy saving of outdoor LED high bay.

  Many of the LED high bay products on the market are also very messy, and customers cannot accurately locate what kind of LED high bay to use when choosing. Assuming that the purpose of lighting is to be used as the main lighting fixture, then low-power should be used, because the astigmatism effect of the light source makes the LED high bay maximize its effect in lighting, with a large area and diffuse light; and suppose Consider making some auxiliary light sources, then it is more appropriate to use high-power light source LED high bay, the light of the light source is more concentrated, and the illuminated object is more outstanding.

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